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  • Rhonda Nguyen

How Do I Know If I Need Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows?

The first question most clients ask me is, "Rhonda, do i need microblading or ombre powder brows?" My response is always quick and simple, "if you feel like you want it." Easier said than done I assume. For most clients that come in on a daily basis, they don't really know specifically what they need. They just know they need something to revive and freshen their look. And thats where my expertise and knowledge comes in. Here are a few question you could ask yourself prior to coming in for a consult that can help answer your concern:

  • Do I fill in my eyebrows with powder/ pencil to get a fuller/thicker look?

  • Do I wish my eyebrows were more even?

  • Do I wish to find a better brow shape that suits my face frame?

  • Do I wish I can get a brow lift without getting surgery?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are a candidate for microblading/ombre powder brow. Now, which one you go with is a little more complicated than that. It all comes down to retention by skin type (dry, combination, oily) and daily routine (natural vs full face makeup). All clients are candidates for ombre powder brows, but few are only qualified for microblading. Disappointing. I know. I'll explain more why in a separate post. And yes it does need a whole separate post. Did I not mention its more complicated? But if you're like most of my clients that are au naturale, then they would like more of a soft ombre or comination microblading with ombre. For the few full face makeup clients, they want a defined and sharp ombre to show through their full face makeup. Every clients needs are different, but the concept is all the same: to enhance their face on the daily carefree.

Photo (Above): (Top) Shows a client with sparse and thinner brows with previous microblading work done.(Bottom) After soft ombre powder procedure. Her eyebrows will shrink and lighten about 30% after healed.

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