Semi-Permanent & Permanent Services

Microblading/Ombre Tattoo Consulation

Professional advice on if you are a candidate for microblading or ombre tattoo services. May get eyebrows shaped up during consult (extra charge) while deciding shape and size that is perfect for client.


Microblading and Ombre Combination

This method combines both techniques of microblading and ombre powder.(includes 8-week touch-up)


Microblading and Ombre Combination Touchup


Microblading Touch-Up (yearly touch-up)

For our returning Microblading clients seeking their yearly touch-up. (1-1.5 years from last session) (1 hr 30 mins)


Ombre Brow Tattoo Touch-Up

For our returning clients seeking an ombre brow tattoo touchup. (1 hr 30 mins)


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Permanent Eyeliner (Top Only)

Top Liner tattoo only (6 week touchup +100)


Permanent Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)

Tired of always looking tired and dull, permanent eyeliner will do the trick! From small lines to sharp wings, we customize to each clients preference. (6 week touchup +150


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