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lê muse

/lay,myo͞oz/  n.  a person ---- who is an artistic inspiration.

Rhonda has always felt as humans, we are all muses each in our own unique way. We all have been someone’s muse inspiring them not just aesthetically but mentally which contributed to some of the world’s best songs, movies, and art. One of Rhonda’s muses was her mother, not only was she beautiful , she was a smart, strong, and independent woman that came from nothing and made something of herself.  So with that being said, Rhonda always knew she wanted to incorporate her mother in this new journey of her life somehow. With the help of a friend, they combined Lê which is her mother’s maiden name but also meaning “the” in french and muse meaning a person who is an artistic inspiration to an artist. Thus, creating -Lê Muse.

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