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lê muse

/lay,myo͞oz/  n.  a person ---- who is an artistic inspiration.

With Rhonda's eye for creativity and attention to detail, she has found success in the last 15 years in the beauty industry. Growing up in a beauty salon, it taught her how to communicate with her clients(*muses) in a way that keeps a lasting memory in all of her clients for years to come. With returning clients and new clients from all over the country (and world from Australia, UK, to France to name a few) she continues to keep everyone happy and satisfied.


Her work is something you just have to experience for yourself. Some may say it's the most gentle hands to ever grace their face. But Rhonda would just say its normal. Her cheerfulness, caring, and genuine smile makes you feel comfortable and always leaving feeling you did the right thing by going to her. Whether you decide to go to her or not, you'll always leave with an abundance of knowledge about beauty.

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